The Dallas climate is considered to be humid sub-tropical. Dallas weather has some very distinct seasonal extremes, and the temperature, humidity, and precipitation vary greatly from one season to the next.

The winters are usually mild, with winter storms every now and then, and the summer weather is normally hot and dry.

The spring and fall months are generally very pleasant, but can bring some strong storms and rain. Because of the constant tug-of-war between cold, dry air coming from northern fronts and warm-moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, it’s not uncommon in Dallas to see weeks in late winter with extreme lows of below freezing and highs that can reach into the low 80s.

The first day where the weather is warm enough to swim is often in late April to early May. Spring is a particularly wet and volatile time of year for the weather in Dallas and all of North Texas.

May is the wettest month for the Dallas area, averaging 4.92 inches of rain. These storms tend to taper off by late spring as temperatures rise and the cold fronts become much weaker.

By mid-June, the weather begins a rapid transition from warm and wet to hot and dry. The average humidity drops from 70% to 60%, and the average high temperature creeps from the mid 80s to the upper 90s as summer arrives in late June.

Hail is sometimes common during strong spring storms. The summers in Dallas can be quite hot, especially in July and August, but the humidity is typically lower during these hotter months.

You can expect at least several days per year of 100° plus heat, often accompanied by long periods without much rain. Nights often feel cooler during these hotter months due to the lower humidity.

In some years the heat can get quite extreme. Dallas has seen many days of 105-110 degree weather, with an all-time high of 113 degrees.

According to NOAA, the Dallas area averages 18 days of 100+ degree weather per year, with the most occurring in August (9.2 days) and July (6.0 days). The first day of 100 degree weather usually occurs around the end of June. The summers in Dallas are typically arid, and the area can see long stretches of hot, dry weather during the warmest summer months of July and August, which average the lowest precipitation by month.


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